All precipitators are not born equal!!!


There are precipitators and there are PRECIPITATORS!


Cigarette smoke ESP size of cardboard box and Power Plant ESP as big as an industrial building are both based on the same principal of electrostatic precipitation.


AIR CLEAN ESP occupies one of intermediate niches and is by far the heaviest-duty ESP in its class.

What makes it possible?


1.     Wide spacing between plates  of esp cell

Because collected contaminant is almost always sticky and does not readily drain from collection cell, it will eventually clog space between cell plates and without cleaning maintenance further functioning will be impossible. Air Clean precipitator plate-to-plate spacing is typically three times larger than competitionís and is by far the widest in its class.

Wide spacing is less prone to clogging, making it possible to collect more contaminant, and requires less costly maintenance.

Expected maintenance for the AIR CLEAN ESP will be only one-third of maintenance required for lighter-duty units, resulting in very substantial savings over the life of the equipment.



2.     Rigid ionizer (particle charger)

Almost all competitive units use a very thin wire as ionizer. Wire as thin as human hair works the best, but there is a catch.

Thin wire easily breaks, curls and creates short circuit in a collection cell, rendering power supply inoperable.

Air Cleanís ionizer is completely rigid and does not have the problems mentioned above.


3.     Automatically controlled high-energy power supply

Efficiency of electrostatic precipitator depends in large degree on intensity of ionizing and collection fields. Therefore, adequate energy supply is absolutely essential for high-performance precipitation.


Our state-of-the-art power source provides high voltage energy output typically 20 or more times that of competitive units, making it by far the most powerful ESP power supply of its class on the market.